Who We Are

CBL was founded to help businesses reach their set goals through technology driven solutions. We believe in sustainable growth thus at the core of each business solution we proffer, is our environment.

As a woman-led business, we are especially interested in helping other female entrepreneurs grow sustainable enterprise. We are focussed on providing support services to SMEs all aimed at helping them navigate the complexities of running businesses.

We strive to deliver solutions that are ecofriendly and sustainable.  Business growth should not be at the expense of our environment. Innovative technology drive all our service delivery.

We don’t believe one size fits all. At Cevoma, We tailor our solutions to fit individual needs. Seeing your big picture through your eyes, we have helped organisations create dreams..



Reasons to Choose Us

    • C- Creativity
    • E- Environment
    • V- Visual
    • O- Outstanding
    • M- Measurable
    • A- Achievable


Small details make difference



Our Team

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