Product promotion

We help deliver you and your products to your public in the most distinct way befitting of your brand image. We understand that brand image is the crux of business. Projecting you with the passion your desire can only be done from experience, so let our experienced team of public relation consultants work for you.

International Trade

With strong links within and outside Africa with work as brokers to foster export and import trading transactions of commodities. African enterprise with export grade products can hinge on us to deliver their goods to the world.

We also provide advice on product standardization to meet international standards.

Digital marketing

Cevoma is a the forefront of digital marketing. We are constantly creating exciting marketing platforms for smes ranging from web designing, web programming, mobile app creation, SEO and social media marketing.

Within our portfolio include - our corporate website - an online multivendor marketplace to open free ecommerce



Creating your our brand has never been easier. Hinging on our world class ecofriendly manufacturing partners, we help you build a unique product for your brand. We walk you through

  • Idea
  • Design sketch
  • Price bargaining
  • Material sourcing
  • Prototype
  • Final production


Financial advisory services

We understand how difficult it is to access funds at every stage of your business. We provude guidance through this herculean task because your growth is our joy.  Talk to our team of financial experts and see how your business grows..

Business consultancy

Starting up your business on the right foot is the key to success. Many startup enterprises will not last longer than two years. Don't waste your little funds on futile ventures, there are strategies that have been proven to accelerate and maintain sustainable business growth. Contact us today.


Sustainability and growth

Every penny counts, we work tirelessly to ensure none is lost through cutting edge tailored business solutions because one size does not make a perfect fit..

Cutting cost is our business

We save you at lot of money by providing ODM and OEM manufacturing services so that you can enjoy economies of scale. We have designers and other brand owners tastefully create products to their delight.


New businesses open every day

Gain your competive edge by contacting us today....