Our Approach

We strive to help SMEs  in Africa and  around the world with the guidance they need to become global brands. We provide extra support to female entrepreneurs. We are an ecofriendly company and partner only with companies who share this vision. We believe that business growth should not be at the expense of our environment.

Our Story

Cevoma Bespoke started out of the need to meet those services that were either unavailable or overtly expensive for our CEO, Veronica to access as a young female entrepreneur doing small trades while in the university.  She searched for contacts, found them, built business networks then decided to start up a company that did more than buying and selling. She wanted to use her knowlegde to touch lives, to ease the complexity of business for other entrepreneurs.

We did not start big, we started really small just a little office space carved out of a sitting room and a simple website, we were ready to meet the world.

Meet the Team

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Veronica O.

Founder & CEO

African female entrepreneur, mom, wife, environmentalist, risk analysis, brand promotor, fair wage advocate.


Chibu O.

       Vice President

Passionate about helping SMEs grow..

avatar cfo

Patricia D


MBA, ACCA, mom, wife

We offer a range of services

Just to help your business grow...